So the day has come to have the repairs completed on your damaged roof! Your contractors should arrive and either have brought a dump trailer with them or maybe they arranged to set up a dumpster a day or two before arriving. The job is now starting to come together.

From here you should expect your contractor’s crew to start removing the damaged roofing material from your roof. If your gutters are getting replaced as well, they will be removed during this time. This will go pretty quickly with any good roofing contractor.

Next you can expect your roofing contractor to install new felt paper along with any recent code upgrades required by your county or city. This can include ice and water shield which prevents ice damming on your roof. For information on what Ice & Water Shield are please check out our blog here.

Depending on where you live your city/county building department may require a mid-roof inspection. This is basically where your contractor will start laying out the shingles and have to stop for an inspection. Normally this would be called into the inspection office on the first day and the inspector will come out the following day depending on their work load. Once that is signed off on; your contractor will begin to finish the work on the roof.

Once the roof material has been installed completely; your trusted roofing contractor; will contact your city inspector’s office to setup the final inspection. Your city inspector will verify that all roofing materials are installed correctly and to code. Should the inspector have any concerns he will advise your contractor to make any necessary repairs and then come back to verify they have been addressed correctly.

At this point your contractor will pass the final inspection and contact your insurance company. They will complete all final paperwork that is required by them to release the final check for the new roof.

Most insurance companies will send you the final check at which point you should contact your contractor to provide them with the last payment.

It seems like a huge task to get your roof replaced due to wind and hail damage, and I created this blog with a high overview of the process. However, when utilizing the right contractor such as Exterior Experts you experience will be a smooth and informed process.