A hail storm in Colorado can be a stressful process for new and old homeowners alike. We take so much pride in our homes that to see the damage a hail storm can wreak on your property can be gut wrenching. Rest assured that we have the experience and teams dedicated to bringing your home back to life. That’s why our tagline is “We Don’t Just Replace It, We Upgrade It”!

The first step in handling a claim on your property is to make sure there is enough damage to justify calling your insurance company. Most respectable contractors are willing come out and inspect your property free of charge. You may already notice some damage to your siding, windows, and more. However it is always a good practice to have someone like Exterior Experts meet with you before contacting your insurance company. It takes a trained eye to show all the damage to an adjustor.

A little unknown secret about insurance companies if that if you call in too many false claims; it can actually hurt you as a consumer so we suggest inspecting the property before calling them. We want to save you as much headache as possible. So quarter sized hail is going to be a good indication you’ll want to call a licensed contractor like Exterior Experts for an inspection.