A hail storm in Colorado can be a stressful process for new and old homeowners alike. We take so much pride in our homes that to see the damage a hail storm can wreak on your property can be gut wrenching. Rest assured that we have the experience and teams dedicated to bringing your home back to life. That’s why our tagline is “We Don’t Just Replace It, We Upgrade It”!

The first step in handling a claim on your property is to make sure there is enough damage to justify calling your insurance company. Most respectable contractors are willing come out and inspect your property free of charge. You may already notice some damage to your siding, windows, and more. However it is always a good practice to have someone like Exterior Experts meet with you before contacting your insurance company. It takes a trained eye to show all the damage to an adjustor.

A little unknown secret about insurance companies if that if you call in too many false claims; it can actually hurt you as a consumer so we suggest inspecting the property before calling them. We want to save you as much headache as possible. So quarter sized hail is going to be a good indication you’ll want to call a licensed contractor like Exterior Experts for an inspection.

roof hail damage insurance claim

Now that we have verified damage the next step is calling the claims department, most reputable contractors will help you with this process which will include the storm date and to make sure that the property is water tight, so there is no more damage created from the storm.

At this point they are going to work with you to setup a time for you to meet with an adjustor. We recommend having your contractor or their project manager for your contract to be there at the same time. This way they can both review the damage and come to an agreement on what is covered by your insurance policy. At or before this point you would sign a tentative agreement with your contractor to complete the work as well as pay your deductible on your home owners policy.

According to Senate Bill 38 of Colorado Revise Status; this cannot be waived, paid for by the contractor, or rebate a home owner’s deductible. Here is a link to learn more about Senate Bill 38 and your rights as a home owner.

This part of the claim and paperwork associated with it can get a bit confusing at times. That’s why it is best to have a licensed contractor that has experience with these types of situations. They can walk you through and assist you during the process.

roof hail damage insurance claim

The third step with your contractor in place and insurance on board would be to pick colors, make sure the Mortgage has been dealt with if there is one, and deal with the HOA if there is one. Scheduling is handled by the production manager once all ducks are in a row & typically not the sale man. They can give an idea sometimes of when the build can get handled.  schedule the delivery of the materials that are required to complete your project. Now with this step it is NEVER recommended that you give your first check to the contractor to buy materials before they are delivered. With all the storms that hit Denver, Lakewood,

Arvada, Littleton, and so forth; we get a lot of storm chasers from out of state trying to make quick money. I’m not saying their all bad, however if warranty work ever arises they may not be around to take care of it.

Now we have a delivery date for materials and a scheduled date to complete the repairs. This is when you would sign over the first insurance check to your contractor after the material is delivered to your property.

So the day has come to have the repairs completed on your damaged roof! Your contractors should arrive and either have brought a dump trailer with them or maybe they arranged to set up a dumpster a day or two before arriving. The job is now starting to come together.

hail damage insurance claim time limit

From here you should expect your contractor’s crew to start removing the damaged roofing material from your roof. If your gutters are getting replaced as well, they will be removed during this time. This will go pretty quickly with any good roofing contractor.

Next you can expect your roofing contractor to install new felt paper along with any recent code upgrades required by your county or city. This can include ice and water shield which prevents ice damming on your roof. For information on what Ice & Water Shield are please check out our blog here.

Depending on where you live your city/county building department may require a mid-roof inspection. This is basically where your contractor will start laying out the shingles and have to stop for an inspection. Normally this would be called into the inspection office on the first day and the inspector will come out the following day depending on their work load. Once that is signed off on; your contractor will begin to finish the work on the roof.

Once the roof material has been installed completely; your trusted roofing contractor; will contact your city inspector’s office to setup the final inspection. Your city inspector will verify that all roofing materials are installed correctly and to code. Should the inspector have any concerns he will advise your contractor to make any necessary repairs and then come back to verify they have been addressed correctly.

At this point your contractor will pass the final inspection and contact your insurance company. They will complete all final paperwork that is required by them to release the final check for the new roof.

Most insurance companies will send you the final check at which point you should contact your contractor to provide them with the last payment.

It seems like a huge task to get your roof replaced due to wind and hail damage, and I created this blog with a high overview of the process. However, when utilizing the right contractor such as Exterior Experts you experience will be a smooth and informed process.