The third step with your contractor in place and insurance on board would be to pick colors, make sure the Mortgage has been dealt with if there is one, and deal with the HOA if there is one. Scheduling is handled by the production manager once all ducks are in a row & typically not the sale man. They can give an idea sometimes of when the build can get handled.  schedule the delivery of the materials that are required to complete your project. Now with this step it is NEVER recommended that you give your first check to the contractor to buy materials before they are delivered. With all the storms that hit Denver, Lakewood,

Arvada, Littleton, and so forth; we get a lot of storm chasers from out of state trying to make quick money. I’m not saying their all bad, however if warranty work ever arises they may not be around to take care of it.

Now we have a delivery date for materials and a scheduled date to complete the repairs. This is when you would sign over the first insurance check to your contractor after the material is delivered to your property.