Now that we have verified damage the next step is calling the claims department, most reputable contractors will help you with this process which will include the storm date and to make sure that the property is water tight, so there is no more damage created from the storm.

At this point they are going to work with you to setup a time for you to meet with an adjustor. We recommend having your contractor or their project manager for your contract to be there at the same time. This way they can both review the damage and come to an agreement on what is covered by your insurance policy. At or before this point you would sign a tentative agreement with your contractor to complete the work as well as pay your deductible on your home owners policy.

According to Senate Bill 38 of Colorado Revise Status; this cannot be waived, paid for by the contractor, or rebate a home owner’s deductible. Here is a link to learn more about Senate Bill 38 and your rights as a home owner.

This part of the claim and paperwork associated with it can get a bit confusing at times. That’s why it is best to have a licensed contractor that has experience with these types of situations. They can walk you through and assist you during the process.