The time frame to install a new roof on your home depends on many factors. From the roofing material being installed such as asphalt shingles, metal roofing material, to tile roofs. The time frame can also be affected by what types of inspections are required are required in your area as well as the inspector’s schedule. If your city requires a “mid-roof” inspection; your contractor will have to strip off the old roof, prep it with felt paper and whatever else is required to meet code. They will then call in for a inspector to come out and inspect the work. Once passed, the contractor can install the roof and call for the final inspection.

Weather can also effect the start of the project so work with a contract that has good communication with their past clients. This will save some frustration with any delays that may occur.

In most cases your average asphalt home can be reroofed in 2-3 days.