The siding of your house is built to protect the structure of your home from all kinds of external damage. Although the material, especially vinyl siding, is generally quite durable, it will require maintenance from time time time. Over the years, it may accumulate dirt, bird droppings, spider webs, and rust. Especially if it is exposed to rain and moisture, the siding on the exterior of your home may also develop mold. In order to preserve the material, it is important to remove mold from siding as soon as possible and to even take steps to prevent it altogether. There are different ways to do this, and we’re going to discuss them below.

Remove Mold From Siding

When you remove mold from siding, you need to be careful not to damage the exterior of your home. Because of this, Exterior Experts recommends staying away from strong bleach, pressure washers, nail polish or grease removers, and steel wool. Although more moderate cleaning practices may take a bit more time and work, it is the best way to preserve the siding of your house. Using a sponge or soft bristle brush to scrub hydrogen peroxide on the surface will be less likely to damage your siding but will still get the job done.

remove mold from vinyl siding

Remove Mold From Vinyl Siding

Removing mold and mildew from vinyl siding will require a slightly different approach than for other standard materials but it is actually a fairly easy process. In order to avoid damaging the vinyl or stripping away the protective layer, a natural, home-made cleaning solution is the ideal way to remove mold from vinyl sliding.

To begin, you will need a soft cloth or bristle brush, which will be used for gentle scrubbing. Then, create a mixture of 70% water and 30% white vinegar. If your vinyl is heavily stained and requires a stronger solution, combine ⅓ cup of laundry detergent, ⅓ cup of standard oxygen bleach (not chlorine bleach!) and ⅓ cup of your household cleaner with a gallon of water. Working from the bottom up, dip the cloth or brush in the cleaning solution and scrub in circular motions until all the mold and stains are gone, apply more cleaning solution when needed. Every so often, you should rinse out your cloth or brush in a bucket of clean water. 

remove mold from siding

How To Remove Green Algae From Vinyl Siding

Green algae may grow on your vinyl siding if the siding is exposed to certain sugars, which can be passed on to your house by nearby evergreen trees. If stains, mildew, or dirt is already present on your vinyl siding, it will feed the green algae and allow it to grow faster. You can prevent algae from forming in the first place if you apply certain sealers on the vinyl when it is installed, but extended exposure to rainfall may strip it away. If you need to remove green algae from vinyl siding, you can use oxygen bleach in a hand-pump garden sprayer and siding scrub brush to remove it. You would use the same technique that you did if you had to remove mold from vinyl siding.


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