Are you thinking of buying a home? You would want to ensure that the roof on the house is in good shape and sturdy. Since the roof is one of the critical features of a home, you should carry out a thorough inspection before making your decision.
Here, take a look at some of the crucial factors to look for in a roof when purchasing a home.
• Lifespan of the roof: Generally, roofs are made from materials, such as metal, composite, rubber, tin or cedar shingles. While a roof made of composite shingles lasts for years, other materials might require frequent inspection and maintenance on a yearly basis. So, make sure to find out about the roof’s material and lifespan.
• Leaks and breaks: Leaking roof leads to damaging not just the floors, furniture and the walls, but the entire structure of a house. Leaks can be distressing for the inhabitants and so, you must take professional help to thoroughly inspect the roof for leaks.
• Good ventilation: A shining new rooftop is redundant if proper ventilation is not in place. Ventilation systems allow air and sunlight to easily come inside the house, reduce the energy bills, prevents the growth of mold in the attic and so on. So, do not ignore ventilation when buying a home.
• Gutters and drainage system: Drainage pipes, gutters and downspouts form the drainage or seepage system and prior to buying a home, you would want to make sure that these parts are in working order. An inspection of the seepage system will also give you an idea about the roof’s condition.
• Mold: Mold on the rooftop is not good for your home as it affects the appearance, give out a foul odor and creates an unhealthy living environment.
Be careful while buying a home. You can call Exterior Experts to inspect the roof and give you a detailed report and also supply you with a certification that your roof is in good shape.