When you’re looking to repair or remodel your roof, you might be surprised by the number of roof designs to choose from. For someone outside of the home remodeling or construction industry, they might all seem a bit foreign or even exactly the same. Although there are dozens of different types of roofs, we’re going to give you a short rundown on the top 15 roof types and their pros and cons.

Flat Roof

Flat roof designs actually aren’t completely flat, although they come pretty close. Most commercial buildings sport a flat roof, but a lot of modern homes are picking up the design as well. Rainwater and other natural elements could add extra weight to the roof that might damage the structure, but a simple draining and gutter system will prevent this.

Sloping Flat 

Popular with a lot of modern and contemporary home designs is the sloping flat roof. It is still a flat roof, such as we listed above, but it is sloping at a significant angle. 

roof design


A gambrel roof has two different slopes, one quite steeper than the other, that comprise the structure. With a gambrel roof design, you get added space to work with, which you can use for a loft or some sort of living space. Gambrel roofs are used most often for barns and farmhouses.

Skillion or Shed Roof

A skillion (aka shed) roof is a simple roof style. Unique from others, skillion roof designs feature a single slope, rather than two or four.


This is perhaps one of the most classic types of roofs today and you’ve likely seen it on hundreds of homes. Different slopes on the roof come together to create a single, often running horizontally across the length of the roof. There are a few different types or roofs in the gable category.

Open Gable Roof Type

The open gable is one of the two most popular gable roof designs. Despite its simplistic appearance, open gable foods feature various different slopes. There are typically two to three different sections of this roof design that meet up to form a single point that runs the whole length of the roof.

Box Gable

The second most popular gable roof type is the box gable. With box gable roofing, two even slopes meet to a point, forming a perfect triangle. Seeing the triangle is the easiest way to identify a box gable roof.

Pyramid Roof

A pyramid roof is exactly what you’d imagine it to be. Four equal, triangular sides of a roof form a high point at the top of the structure, creating a pyramid.


This roof design is easily recognizable by its four slopes which are identical in length and angle and meet in the middle to create the perfect, low-rising ridge. Homes in colder and more intense climates tend to favor this roof design.

roof design


A cross hipped roof is the same as a hip roof, but with one added element. The four slopes are still there, but they are joined with a slightly different style of roof, in its own separate section. This style adds a lot of depth to any household.

Hip and Valley

Hip and valleys aren’t popular for their functionality, although they could be. Most people choose to go with hip and valley roofs simply for its appearance. The different layers and styles of this type of roof come together to create a single unique design.


This roof design is among the most stable designs available. There are some elements of a gable roof, but more complexity is added with typical hip roof designs. It’s a delicate and sturdy combination of the two. 

roof design


Dormer roofs are actually more like extensions that are added to other roof styles. A section of the roof juts out, creating more space in the area below.


Butterfly houses were most popular in the 70s and 80s, but there are still a lot of people who continue to appreciate their beauty. In fact, many modern houses have been integrating this type of roof. The butterfly roof got its name because of the two downward slopes that meet in the middle. Altogether, it looks like the wings of a butterfly. 


A mansard roof design isn’t that common in the United States, but for a long time, it was the go-to roof style in all major European metropolises. Even though it might not be as popular today as it was before, it still creates a beautiful sight and is even gaining popularity in many urban areas.

As you can see, there are many different types of roofs to consider when you are both buying or building a house. If you are unsure what roof design to go with, Exterior Experts can help you review your options and find one that is best for you. Call (719) 249-2626 for our  Southern Colorado location or (720) 409-3773 for our Denver location.