Did you that storm is a serious threat to your roof’s lifespan? As a matter of fact, even a seemingly harmless storm can cause severe damage to your roof. It does not have to be hail, torrential rains or toppling trees, but strong winds can tear away at your shingles and the damage might be imperceptible. This is why it is crucial that you get a professional roof inspection done in order to assess the damage caused by a storm.
The advantages of having a professional roof inspector inspect storm damage are as follows:
• Detection of minor damages: You will definitely notice large bald spots in the place of your shingle or a tree fallen on your roof, but a storm can also cause indiscernible damage to your roof. Such damages may not be apparently visible, but they will subtly deteriorate your roof. Since professional roof inspectors are specifically trained to discover damages that are not visible to the untrained eyes, they will be able to inform you about issues and problems with your roof that could lead to expensive repairs.
• Assistance with insurance claim: Has your home suffered severe damage due to a storm? You need to make an insurance claim and a professional roof inspection will help in proper damage assessment. A professional inspector will also provide you with a detailed report that you can present to your insurance company and accelerate the insurance claim process.
• Prevention of big, expensive repairs: It can be very inconvenient and costly to repair a damaged roof. The longer you let roof problems slide, the worse will it become and might end up requiring a full-fledged roof replacement. As mentioned above, professional roof inspection helps in the early detection of small issues at the roof and this helps in fixing the problem while it is still pocket-friendly to do so.
For the best results, make sure to check the credentials of the roof inspector.