When it comes to boosting the value of your home or commercial building, a metal roof is one of the most lucrative investments that you can make. Metal roofs deliver longevity, beauty, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of any size structure; in anyregion.

Here; take a look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of Metal Roofs:


Metal Roofs simply last longer! The average life span of a correctly installed metal roof is 50-100 years. That’s a long time compared to your average asphalt roof with a life span of 5-17 years in the Colorado area due the amount of hail and high wind storms we see compared to states that do not see this type of weather or a Thermoset/Thermoplastic Single-Ply which has an average life span of 20-40 years depending on what research you review.

If you have a mountain home or commercial building located in a fire zone, metal roofs can lower your insurance cost. Always speak with your insurance agent; but savings have been quoted from 10-30%. This discount over time can also help lower the cost of installing a metal roof.

Metal roofs are fire retardant and cannot be set on ignited by a spark or lightning. As a matter of fact, metal roofs safely dissipate the electrical charge over a wider surface area and act like a Faraday Cage.

There are a wide range of materials used to create metal roofing material. The 5 most common are Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Steel, and Tin. Copper is the most expensive and also the softest so it’s prone to easily denting which over years can give your home character depending on your point of view.

Your color choice will also range widely as there is over 100 colors and styles ranging from the look of Slate, Clay Tile, Cedar Shake, or even Asphalt Shingles. One great feature of metal roofs is that some of them can be repainted years down the road if you want to spruce up your look or you can change the color completely. We suggest speaking with your roofing contractor before selecting your materials as some cannot due to the coating process of the metal. Also for heavy snow areas; a darker color will help with snow removal as it will absorb more radiant heat assisting with snow melting. Also inquire about “Snow Guards”; they prevent large piles of snow falling all at once which should be a safety concern.

For the environmentally conscious consumer there are even more benefits to having a metal roof. Not only are they recyclable; saving up to 20 billion tons of building waste a year; but they also cut down on energy usage. Lighter colors reflect radiant heat from our sun which can save anywhere from 10%-25% on energy usage.

Thinking about selling your home? Homes with metal roofs typically see a 1-6% higher listing price. Nationally homeowner’s recover on average; 89% of the cost associated with the installation of a metal roof when they sell their home. If you plain on keep your home for 10 years, 15 years, or longer; you will see a lower life cycle cost of a new metal roof.


We don’t see many cons with a metal roofing system compared to the pros. But here are the main concerns with them:

Cost! Metal roofs are on average 3 times the cost compared to an asphalt roof. On a 1610 square foot roof; the average asphalt shingle roof will cost you around $7500 dollars and a metal roof will cost you about $14,500. This is a biggie for cost conscious consumers.

Insurance claims can cause some hassle as well. Due to the severe weather we have been seeing across states like Colorado, Texas, Missouri, and many others; insurance companies have been adding waivers to insurance policies that have mental roofs. Unless a hail storm compromises the integrity of your roof they consider hail damage cosmetic. They do not replace the roof for cosmetic damage.

The other biggest con that cans me managed noise. During a heavy rain storm you will be able to hear the rain drops bouncing off the metal. If you speak to a qualified roofing contractor like Exterior Experts they will be able to advise you on how to mitigate the concern.

For more information on metal roofing, contact a reputable roofing contractor near you.